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TradeTek is a full scale logistics software solution provider. Our mission is to provide affordable, versatile and effective solutions for all logistics service providers no matter the size of the operation or the speciality of the business.

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Perfect Last Mile Delivery Software

When you make promises to customers, Tradetek Dispatch Management Software helps you achieve trackable right time delivery. Get in touch to learn how…

Tradetek dispatch software provides flexibility in managing a load throughout it's journey from Shipper to Consignee, load posting, dispatching a load to not only multiple shippers and consignees but each load can also be assigned to multiple drivers/ carriers until successful completion while achieving trackable right time delivery.

Effortlessly arranging not only drivers and teams trips but also assigning load pickups and dropoffs during each driver and team trip, easy and simple load brokerage management, streamlining drivers' pay, managing carriers payouts, get notified for drivers safety, licenses and insurance expiries, in fulfilling ministerial requirements.

Generate invoices and send quickly to your clients in PDF format, while easily managing your accounts receivables and payables with clients and vendors in a singular platform, or integrate with Online and Desktop versions of Quickbooks for seamless workflow of recording sales and payments in your preferred accounting system.

Managing all your customers in one place is quick and easy, monitor sales performance with built-in customers relationship management (CRM) tool, from automated tasks of calculating sales agents commission to manually setting credit limits for customers, from checking Avg. Rate Per Mile to find out GP Ratio for each individual client.

Fuel Card Reports

Allocate fuel cards to your drivers or assign each fuel card to your tractors in one easy step to get driver-wise or tractor-wise fuel consumption reports. Review fuel cards reports with one click in a singular software.


24/7 Support

Receive 24 hour support from our team on how to use the system or managing your requests.


Quick Payments

Receive payments from clients while being able to keep your accounts up to date via automated invoicing and vendors payments integration with Quickbooks.


Easy Interface

Post new load, edit and update, print load/ rate confirmation, interact with your drivers and view drivers locations on a single screen.


Live Alerts

View live alerts for drivers license expiry, driver's medical and drug test due dates, annual inspection and preventive maintenance due dates, and customers outstanding balances.


Operational Efficiency

Integrate your fleet, dispatchers, and quickbooks and manage operations with ease.


Cost Savings

Save on monthly overhead expenses, and fleet operation costs with adept transport management solutions.


Easy to Use

Manage operations through an easy-to-use dashboard without compromising your workflow.


Stronger Communication

Seamlessly communicate with your team and fleet through a single point of contact.

Simple Interface Design

Through a single window, manage your entire operation with the ability to switch between multiple resource views, i.e. Dispatch Board, Drivers, and Carriers Center, Equipment profiles, Customers, Shippers and Consignees interfaces your organization's workflow.


Integrated with Industry Tools & More

Tradetek Dispatch Management System is fully integrated with all major tools and applications used in our trucking industry with the capabilities to enhance their functionalities and processes.

  • $ 150 Every Month
    • Basic
    • Plan
      • 1 User
      • Create Invoices
      • Create Carrier Payables
      • Simple Load Confirmations
      • Prepare IFTA Reports
      • Manage Customers Agreements
  • $ 350 EVERY MONTH
    • Small Business
    • Plan
      • 5 Users
      • Create Invoices
      • Create Carrier Payables
      • Simple Load Confirmations
      • Upload Documents
      • Prepare IFTA Reports
      • Manage Customers Agreements
      • Vendors Payable Management
      • Tractors and Trailers Maintenance Records
      • Get Detailed Reports
  • $ 550 EVERY MONTH
    • Enterprise
    • Our Best Solution
      • 10 Users
      • Create Invoices
      • Create Carrier Payables
      • Simple Load Confirmations
      • Upload Documents
      • Prepare IFTA Reports
      • Dispatch Loads via SMS
      • Send Updates to Customers
      • Get Detailed Reports
      • Integrate with Quickbooks
      • Digital File Storage
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)