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TradeTek is a full scale logistics software solution provider. Our mission is to provide affordable, versatile and effective solutions for all logistics service providers no matter the size of the operation or the speciality of the business.

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Shipment Management Created for Logistic Service Providers

The Ultimate Logistics Management Tool

Create local, domestic and international shipments, and connect with logistic service providers required to manage shipments from origin-to-destination.

Request for quotes from multiple service providers, accept and reject proposals, and calculate total landed costs from third-party logistic providers.

Connect with freight forwarders, customs brokers, and warehousers online, to manage your international cargo.

Receive total landed cost on shipments, and manage invoices for receivable and payables from service providers around the world.

Optimal Workflow

Request quotations from multiple logistic service providers, communicate through a chat messenger, requesting for details on routing, and transit. Receive location updates from service providers managing your shipment. Manage multiple shipments at once as a Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, Importer or Exporter.


24/7 Support

Receive 24 hour support from our team to connect with logistic service providers relevant for your shipment.


Quick Payments

Receive and send payments from the system while being able to keep your track of your accounts.


Easy to Use Interface

Add, edit and update shipments, add logistic service providers, or search our network with ease.


Live Tracing

View live track and trace updates from logistic service providers to update your client instantly.


Efficiency of Operation

Integrate your sales-office, add your agents, and manage shipments with ease.


Overhead Savings

Save on monthly expenses, and management expenses with an advance freight platform solutions.


Ease of Use

Manage operations through an easy-to-use interface without compromising your overall workflow.


Stronger Communication

Seamlessly communicate with your team, and logistic partners through a single point of contact via chat and extended group chat.

Simple Window Design

Through a single window, manage your entire operation, connecting with preferred logistic service providers to manage your international shipments.

523×371 create shipment

Keep Track Of Logistic Activity and Shipments Managed

Use the interface to track the progress of your organization and observe sales generated easily being able to adapt your organization to the evolving industry.

  • $ 75 Every Month
    • Basic
    • Plan
      • 3 Users
      • Access to Customer Portal
      • Manage up to 30 Transactions
      • Add up to 15 Trade Lanes
      • Integrated Payment Method
      • 5 Hours of Personalized Support
  • $ 150 EVERY MONTH
    • Small Business
    • Plan
      • 5 Users
      • Customized Dashboard
      • 20 hours of Personalized Support
      • Access to Customer Portal
      • Manage up to 100 Transactions
      • Add up to 30 Trade Lanes
      • Access up to 20 Network Users
      • Provide Affiliated Logistics Service
  • $ 250 EVERY MONTH
    • Enterprise
    • Our Best Solution
      • 10 Users
      • Customized Dashboard
      • 70 hours of Personalized Support
      • Access to Customer Portal
      • Advanced Shipment Management Features
      • Manage up to 200 Transactions
      • Add up to 60 Trade Lanes
      • Access up to 40 Network Users
      • Provide Affiliated Logistics Service
      • Manage Off-Shore Business Processes
      • Access a Number of Integration Partners