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TradeTek is a full scale logistics software solution provider. Our mission is to provide affordable, versatile and effective solutions for all logistics service providers no matter the size of the operation or the speciality of the business.

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Manage your Warehouses Digitally

Access our online Warehouse Management System to manage inventory, transfer of stock, create shipping documents and automate invoicing. b r m

Slide Features

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Remotely manage multiple location warehouses, tracking inventory, orders, and sales.


Transfer Stock

In a single click, select items, prepare a packaging list, create an invoice and transfer stock to the receiver.


Easy Invoicing

Manage general warehouse fees, services and add instructions for labourers on instructions for order fulfillment.


Communicate with
your warehouser
on the network

On a single platform, communicate with warehouse personnel to provide instructions on order fulfillment and find warehousers in different countries, while managing and accounting for stock after releasing orders to third parties. n m k j h

Speak to professionals on how to manage your warehouse and streamline your warehouse operation.

Speak to our support team to find a solution to any question or concern.

Explore unique features to manage your warehouse at a fraction of the cost.

Request information on how to customize the system according to your operation.

Slide Solutions

Warehouse on the Go

This user friendly interface allows you to manage all scales of warehouse operations, in an easy to use dashboard. Modernized and up-to-date for eCommerce fulfillment and logistics for small and medium sized businesses.


Slide Schedule s s b

Inventory Analysis

Trace inventory periodically, obtaining statistics on orders placed and replenished.


Data Processing

Access all relevant past and present data, related to incoming and outgoing activity, at any time.


Resource Management

Keep track of barcode labels, packaging instructions, and additional costs related to inventory.


Key Performance Indicators

Manage sales reports, payroll, accounting, and warehouse overhead expenses, in relation to revenue generated.


Web Solution

Access warehouse data on a multitude of platforms, from anywhere with an internet connection.


Fully Adaptable

Customize warehouse solutions to the workflow and needs of your personal operation.

  • $ 0 MONTHLY
    • Demo
      • 1 User
      • 30 Day Trial
      • All Premium Features Avaliable
  • $ 200 MONTHLY
    • Premium
      • 5 Users
      • Up to 5 Warehouse Locations
      • Up to 15 Clients
      • Create Invoices
      • Transfer Stock
      • Create Shipping Documents
      • Manage Barcodes and Labels
      • Access Advanced Reports